Allied Lithium Ion Battery Pack 48Volt

Allied Lithium Battery Pack

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Allied Lithium is a leading name in the lithium battery industry. With high-performance products for use in EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Star, Icon, and Polaris vehicles, as well as a range of Marine, RV and Solar options, we pride ourselves on our versatile design and reliability.

Allied Battery is a U.S. based company dedicated to providing fully supported lithium energy solutions.

These are the only true “drop-in” batteries on the market, lightweight and ready to install in less than 30 minutes. Use the same wiring as your existing system and convert from lead acid to lithium in no time at all.

Our turnkey lithium systems ensure longer charges, an extended lifespan, and, with less than half the weight of a lead acid battery, a lighter vehicle, overall. These are not starting batteries for your vehicle, but work perfectly for onboard electronics, giving you quick access to power even when largely depleted.


Part of what makes Allied Lithium batteries as popular as they are is being able to easily customize them according to your needs. Wired in parallel, you get consistent voltage and a significant bump in your amp hours with every battery added. You set the pace for your battery life and Allied Lithium delivers.

Looking for more? Consider the following:

  • 6 safety certifications. 
  • Lightweight batteries weighing roughly 30 lbs., less than half of most lead  acid batteries.
  • 12V, 36V, 48V, and 72V options for a range of platforms.
  • Engineer-confirmed 35-40 miles, per charge (upgraded motors or controllers will require additional batteries for similar mileage).
  • No corrosion, watering, or leaking acid.
  • 3,500+ lifetime cycles (lead-acid typically reaches 500-750)
  • As little as 3 hours for a full charge
  • 8-year warranty

Batteries can be added up to 2 years after install for additional power and distance

$800 per battery (with cores returned) *does not include installation