Collection: Storm Electric Vehicles

Are you ready for a storm? Powered by Navitas for more power, speed, and control! 

On-The-Fly Programming:

 The Navitas advanced programmer allows drivers to adjust speed, acceleration and regenerative motor braking preferences on-the-fly, and lock the settings.


  NAVITAS 5kw AC Drive Motor

  NAVITAS 600amp Controller

  Trojan T-875 Batteries


  Seating Capacity:  4 or 6 person

  Forward Max Speed:  25+ mph

  Distance Per Charge:  30+ Miles


  A-Frame Powder Coated Chassis

  Lights:  LED Street Legal Lights

  Wheels:  14” Custom Wheels with A/T or DOT Tires


Madjax STORM Body

Flip-down Rear Seat with Storage/Cooler Bin

Custom Seat Cushions

Extended Roof

Madjax STORM Brushguard

Eagle Performance Charger

2 Year Limited Warranty

Compatible with EZGO parts

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  • 2021 Storm EV - Silver - $12,995
    2021 Storm EV - Silver - $12,995
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  • 2021 Storm EV - Ruby Red - $12,995
    2021 Storm EV - Ruby Red - $12,995
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